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Ayala Land Premier – Anvaya Cove – Properties for Sale Philippines

Anvaya Cove Healthy Fun By The Sea

Ayala Land Premier – Anvaya Cove – Properties for Sale Philippines

Anvaya Cove

Located northwest of Manila, approximately 77 kilometers from the nation's capital, and just 20 minutes away from the Subic Bay Freeport, the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club (or simply Anvaya) provides a splendor where one can bask in, especially in the searing months of the year. It's an accessible escape from the hustling and bustling city.

Anvaya Cove

The Anvaya difference

"What makes Anvaya Cove different from other beach clubs and resorts is that, first, it is naturally large," says Anvaya Cove project manager Juan Miguel Javellana in an interview with MB Lifestyle-Well Being. "When size, especially in real estate, gives you the chance to develop and to really form something out of the hectares of land, there's a big difference in what you can do. You can really build a community using that."

Anvaya, which means "family" in Sanskrit, was designed for family members' bonding moments made more memorable by an array of amenities, services, events and activities right at its heart.

"Second is its natural topography. Anvaya has a beach resort with a mountain and a nature camp, and soon we're gonna have a golf course," describes Javellana. "Anvaya is unique in the fact that its topography is beautiful. It's natural and it's something God-given." The environmentally sustainable Anvaya boasts of 3.5 kilometers of fine coastline, panoramic views and lush forest areas, all making for a perfect summer getaway.

"Third is its location. One thing really likable about Anvaya Cove is its proximity to Subic Bay. We all know that Subic is already a growth center for the Philippine economy right now," Javellana continues.

Anvaya was masterplanned to cover the vastness of Morong Bataan and across Subic Bay, making it more conducive to events like sailing.

Indeed, it is in Anvaya where mountains meet the sea.

Anvaya Cove

Sail away, sail away, sail away!

Speaking of Subic Bay and sailing, Anvaya opened its doors for the first time last month to the Philippine Interisland Sailing Foundation (PHINSAF)-led Philippine Hobie Cat National Championship. The two-day event saw 14 teams sailing away and competing in at least four legs.

"Anvaya is a strategic partner in this event, (for the) development of the natural beauty of the Philippines, given that the challenge is not just a sailing competition," declares PHINSAF board member and Taal Lake Yacht Club (TLYC) president and commodore Peter Capotosto. "It also aims to showcase the best parts of the country, its beautiful islands and its undeniable potential as one of the best yachting spots in the world."

"[The Hobie Cat competition] is something unique for us, since this is the first time we've ever done it. Given that we only have limited resources for our members, this one opens it up for them, in terms of sailing," shares Javellana. "Anvaya Cove is home to a number of natural and recreational amenities, and so our participation is proof of our commitment to developing water sports for our members."

Anvaya Cove

Nature and fitness trek

Those who are into the keeping-fit department should find "heaven on Earth" in Anvaya. Aside from water sports and related activities, the cove also offers a unique fitness trail amid tranquil nature like no other resorts do.

The entire trail consists of Station 1-Stretching Post; Station 2-Push-up Bars; Station 3-Kick Bags; Station 4-Triceps Dip Bench; Station 5-Curl-up Bench; Station 6-Pull-up Bars; Station 7-Multi-skill Zone I; Station 8-Free Weights Zone; Station 9-Captain's Chair; Station 10-Speedzone; Station 11-Roman's Chair; Station 12-Multi-Skill Zone II. Going through each station leads one to the highest point of the property, to be enthralled by the scenic view of Subic Bay and the Silangin Mountain Ranges.

To add excitement to the trek, a 30-second zipline experience awaits eager beavers on their way back down. And for even more adventure, there is the really challenging multi-step Magma Field, ideal for team-building sessions.

"Anvaya Cove sees to the maintenance of the grandeur of its natural setting. Each property follows the gently rolling terrain of its topography since its developer is keen on upholding the panoramic beauty of its surroundings, which provide a good location for activities that follow the ideals of the property," Javellana concludes.

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