Sunday, October 25, 2009

The 10-Km Scenic Drive of Ayala Greenfield Estates

There is a great and noticeable variance in sceneries as you drive from the congested roads of Manila to the wide open fields leading up to the gates of Ayala Greenfield Estates. But who would have known that behind the gates of Ayala Greenfield Estates, an even more breathtaking view awaits along its 10-Km scenic Drive.

Better pull your car windows down to enjoy the fresh air and vibrant outdoors that this scenic drive has to offer. Get a full view of the majestic Mount Makiling, a glimpse of the glimmering waters that is the Laguna Bay and a look at the wide Laguna plains all by cruising through Ayala Greenfield Estates' scenic drive.

Other interesting spots along the way include the Highest Point, View Corridor, Village Clubhouse, Nature Park, Fairway View, and Picnic Pike. And at the very end of this amazing 10-km long pleasure drive is the famed Ayala Greenfield Golf and Leisure Club which was designed by Architect Ruben Payumo.

Enjoy nature even on the road, only here at Ayala Greenfield Estates' 10-km scenic drive.

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