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The Mind Musuem at Bonifacio Global City

The Building Design

The space-age design of The Mind Museum is the brainchild of a team of architects from Lor Calma & Partners, led by renowned architect Ed Calma. The inspiration behind the building's futuristic, yet organic look was based off of cell growth and molecular structures.

Mirroring the functionality of nature, some features of the building's innovative and sustainable design include: slanted exterior walls to minimize the entry of sunlight, a specially curved roof for more efficient rain collection, and strategic orientation to utilize the shadows of adjacent buildings, all of which contribute to more energy efficiency. Ed counts the form and location of The Mind Museum as his favorite things about the museum; he believes that it has an interesting place in "a sea of box buildings and it celebrates the terminus of the [Bonifacio] High Street axis" – a combination that is sure to awe visitors.

Ed was drawn to The Mind Museum by the idea that it would influence a generation of Filipinos to see science and art in a different light. In particular, he hopes that the museum will help people to see the connection between the two fields, as well as remove the intimidating edge from science. 


Main Galleries

The exhibition concept envisioned for the science museum is unique and Filipino. The Mind Museum will present science through five main stories, taking off from our culture's resonance with storytelling. The exhibition spans the entire range of nature's elements, gleaned from the galleries, namely: Atom, Life, Universe, Earth, and Technology.

Visitors can relax in a glass-encased café that will give them a view of the Science-in-the-Park. Themed as Nature's Artful Play, this will be an extensive outdoor park where children and adults can continue their learning experience from inside the museum to the inter-active exhibits in the park.

The Story of the Atom
The Strange World of the Very Small

The Atom Gallery is the gallery with the most number of interactive exhibits. It will contain the very elemental forces that are so familiar that we take them for granted – gravity and electromagnetism. It will present the counterintuitive quantum world which resembles nothing in the ordinary, everyday experience, yet serves as the basis for much of the technology we find so common and take for granted – computers, mobile phones, lasers, and many medical technologies.

Requested Donation: PhP 50 Million

The Story of Life
The Exuberant Varieties of Life

The Life Gallery is the gallery which feature's the defining exhibit of the museum: The Human Brain. The gallery will feature the exuberance of a living planet in all its forms. It will feature the various habitats that nurture an astonishing number and kinds of organisms. This gallery will also feature the inner spaces that inhabit this life in the form of molecules called DNA. 

The Story of the Universe
Its Beginning and Majesty

The Universe Gallery will showcase humankind's wondrous fascination with outer space, and will include the mini-planetarium. It will feature exhibits that will show how all of life, as we know it now, found its atomic beginnings in the stars in space. It will enfold visitors in the fundamental elements and forces that are at play in the universe. It will also include wondrous images from the Hubble Space Telescope as well as a graphic history of humankind's quest into other parts of the solar system. 

The Story of the Earth
Nature Across the Breadth of Time

The Earth Gallery will feature the first T-REX exhibit in the country along with other unique exhibits that will focus on the earth and nature. Knowing natural history is the way we can educate museum visitors on how long it took the planet to give us what we now inhabit. The Earth Gallery will feature natural history from 4.6 billion years ago. 

The Story of Technology
A Showcase of Human Ingenuity

At 680 sqm, this is the largest of all the galleries, and is the only exhibition space on the second level, overlooking the other four galleries. Its centrepiece, The Human Face of Technology – a 360° screen showing a constantly updated video of stories told by people about their favorite technologies and why they love them.

This gallery presents technology not as a mere tool, gadget, or industrial advancement but as means to flesh out human values, to help us become better humans. Thus, the gallery is divided into five major themes with each theme occupying a Node. The themes of the Nodes are: How We Live, Who We Are, How We Know, How Things Work, and Here to There.

Requested Donation: PhP 75 Million

Other Facilities

Halls and Rooms: Convergence Areas

Visitors will be welcomed by wide-open spaces prior to entering the five galleries. The Lobby, the Introductory Hall, the Ten Most Beautiful Experiments, and the Hall of Philippine Science all serve to initiate the visitors' museum experience. The museum will offer the learning community venues for discussions, seminars, and workshops; these include the Theatre, the Mind Pods, and the Awesome Lab. 

The Mariano K. Tan Hall

The Mariano K. Tan Hall will serve as the museum's lobby. It will be an open space, lit and textured to lend a sense of excitement in anticipation of a unique adventure that the guests will experience in The Mind Museum. It will be an inviting place of first encounters with The Mind Museum staff and its guests. It will also be a rented area for special events, such as product launches, receptions, and the like.

Sponsored By: Family of Mariano K. Tan

Canopy Plaza

The Mind Museum's canopy plaza will be a center of activity, providing guests with a sense of arrival as they approach. Here, guests will begin their Mind Museum experience with patterns on the ground that stand as the museum galleries' wayfinding symbols. Also located here will be the Founder's Area, which pays tribute to the pioneering donors whose investments have ensured that the Mind Museum's story will become a reality. 

The Theater

This will be the gathering place for groups and audiences of up to 200. This will be the venue for inspiring lectures of local and visiting scientists as well as presentations and shows that promote the public understanding of science as it reaches out to other fields of endeavour. 

The Introductory Hall

A live presenter, a robot created by the Kokoro Company in Japan, will welcome visitors and introduce them to the over-arching philosophy and goals of the science museum. The robot will give visitors the basic information about the museum and the many possible ways they can discover and explore the story of science. 

The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments

All visitors will go through a colourful and bright open space and have a delightful audio-visual experience of learning about the ten most beautiful experiments in science. These include how Sir Isaac Newton discovered that white light has all the colors and how a very shy scientist named Cavendish figured out how much the world weighed. These will be shown on LCD screens encased in silver metal columns, positioned to enhance a sense of wonder and an initiation into the very unique world of The Mind Museum. 

The Hall of Philippine Science (Bulwagan ng Agham)

The Hall will showcase the country's scientific contributions to the world and society. It will feature Filipino institutions, groups and individuals who have made an impact on science and technology. This is a "must-pass" area and museum visitors will be welcomed to a hall that is designed by Filipinos and will display Filipino artistry as well.

Requested Donation: PhP 25 Million

The Awesome Lab

This lab will be the hub of cool science experiments that groups can carry-out guided by experts. These will include but not be limited to awesome experiments in physics, chemistry as well as in the life and earth sciences. The laboratory design reflects the arrangements of fixtures that invite an openness of mind, in a fellowship of curiosity and discovery. 

The Mind Pods (I and II)

The Mind Pods will be comprised of two meeting rooms which will host lectures, forums and workshops. These will be learning venues for academicians, students, researchers, and individuals interested in science. The Mind Pods will be located on the second floor, with an expansive view of the sprawling out-door J.Y. Campos Park and Bonifacio High Street.

Requested Donation: PhP 10 Million each


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